A Just Society

Inequality in Australia is worsening and I am passionate about halting this trend. Every one of us deserves the opportunity to meet our potential and contribute to our community. Removing barriers to participation is essential if we are to build a just society. 

Speech on the Gender Pay Gap

11.40am | March 19, 2018

The gender pay gap is a multifaceted problem. It arises from a complex mix of cultural and economic factors, which range from gender segregation in the workplace through the availability of flexible working conditions to outright discrimination.

10th Anniversary of The Apology to The Stolen Generation

4.30pm | February 13, 2018

It is ten years today since Prime Minister Kevin Rudd delivered a formal apology to Australia’s First Nations People and the Stolen Generation. 

Speech on Early Childhood Educators

7.50pm | February 06, 2018

Early childhood educators perform some of the most valuable work in our society for less than half the average Australian wage. Anyone who has had a child attend child care knows the importance of a good teacher and how central they are to a child's life.

Speech on Inequality, Disadvantage and Unemployed Young People

2.01pm | January 25, 2018

This Government is creating a myth—the deserving and non-deserving poor, where poverty and unemployment are recast as personal or moral failure rather than a result of complex people facing complex challenges.

Speech on ICAN

2.00pm | January 25, 2018

Quite often, the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to an individual—someone who has used their power or their platform to achieve a worthy end. However, ICAN is something very different. It didn't inherit any pre-existing platform; it willed it into existence through a gradual accretion of individuals and organisations to its cause.

A Win for Equality!

5.00pm | November 15, 2017

Today, Australia voted for equality with the marriage equality postal survey returning a overwhelming victory!

Speech on Platypus and Opera House Nets

12.07pm | September 06, 2017

Australia faces a huge challenge to protect our unique wildlife. An unacceptable number of our animals such as the hairy nosed wombat and the iconic koala are vulnerable, endangered or face extinction.

Dodson and McAllister Media Release: Who Exactly Is Minister Scullion Consulting With On CDP?

2.00pm | August 29, 2017

The Senate inquiry into the Community Development Program (CDP) has heard from NGOs, community members, Indigenous leaders and employment providers that they were not consulted by the Minister for Indigenous Affair about the CDP.

Media Release: AEC Letters Show Voters Cannot Rely On Automatic Enrolment For The Postal Survey

3.00pm | August 24, 2017

All Australians are urged to check their enrolment before midnight tonight following concerning reports the AEC will not be able to complete automatic enrolments in time for the marriage equality postal survey.

Media Release: What A Difference Two Years Makes

5.25pm | August 22, 2017

Malcolm Turnbull: “I have great faith that the Australian people, in that plebiscite, as they have in one contentious issue after another for the whole time this Commonwealth has been one, will be able to debate this issue in a sensible, civil and intelligent manner.”