A Just Society

Inequality in Australia is worsening and I am passionate about halting this trend. Every one of us deserves the opportunity to meet our potential and contribute to our community. Removing barriers to participation is essential if we are to build a just society. 

Address to 2014 National Labor Women’s Conference on women’s leadership

2.42pm | August 02, 2014

As we renew, Labor need leaders. We need intellectual leadership, we need political and organisational leadership and as always we need parliamentary leadership.

In this context, women’s leadership is not only right and just and fair – it is essential. 

Address to the NSW ALP Conference on Labor's enduring purpose

8.03am | July 29, 2014

On Saturday, the NSW ALP Conference debated a proposal to replace Labor's socialist objective. I made a short speech, defending the core principles of social democracy, and the enduring importance of our history.