A Sustainable Climate

I have been involved in climate change and sustainability for many years. Labor's values on the common good demand action from us on this issue. Government must lead, engage with robust science, and set evidence-based targets. Businesses and communities are already responding. If we are sincere about our obligations to future generations, it's time to act. Australia should lead the world in renewable energy technology, which holds so much opportunity for future-focused jobs.

Media Release: Industry Experts Ask "Where is Frydenberg?"

8.30am | February 21, 2017

Australia’s National Electricity Market is suffering because of a lack of federal leadership, a Senate committee was told yesterday in Adelaide. Industry representatives and energy system experts testified before the Senate Select Committee into the Resilience of Electricity Infrastructure in a Warming World that the current policy settings keep Australia stuck in the past. 

Media Release: What went wrong in SA? Senators to ask the energy questions the government won't

2.00pm | February 19, 2017

Key industry players will give evidence about the recent turmoil in South Australian energy at an Adelaide hearing on Monday for the Select Inquiry into Energy Resilience in a Warming World.

Butler, McAllister and Urquhart Media Release: Government's Lies on Renewables Exposed Again

8.00am | February 11, 2017

Minister Frydenberg has been left exposed and the government's assault on renewables in tatters after testimony by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) before the Senate Select Committee on the Resilience of Electricity Infrastructure in a Warming World.

Media Release: Greens On Both Sides Of The Murray Darling Basin

10.30am | December 02, 2016

This week marks the four year anniversary of the Greens voting for a motion to disallow the Murray Darling Basin Plan, in a political marriage of convenience with Bob Katter. In 2012 Senator Hanson-Young described the Plan as a ‘dud’ but voted in support of it this week. 

Speech in Parliament on Coral Bleaching

1.20pm | November 28, 2016

The One Nation family holiday to the Great Barrier Reef is a joke. It is hilarious that Senator Roberts, who is so keen to insist on—so keen to demand—empirical evidence from others, is happy to conclude that the Reef is healthy based on a single dive. Now, where was that dive?

Speech in Parliament on Climate Change Scepticism

1.30pm | November 21, 2016

It’s 2016. We shouldn’t be devoting an hour of time in this chamber to debating whether climate change is real. We should be devoting a month to exploring ways to address it.

Speech in Parliament on ARENA and Climate Change

1.35pm | September 15, 2016

I would like to focus my remarks this evening on measures in this bill that relate to ARENA. But, before I move specifically to that, I want to talk more generally about the challenge of climate change briefly.

Speech in Parliament on Land Clearing

1.35pm | February 23, 2016

For the past few months, environmental groups have joined the farmers’ lobby and other stakeholders in negotiating the shape of NSW’s conservation laws with the state government.