Media Release: Labor puts Pauline Hanson and One Nation Last

10.45am | June 14, 2016

Labor has confirmed that it will be putting One Nation last in every seat and every state this election. Labor has not made any preference deals with One Nation, and will put them last on every how to vote.

Labor Senator Jenny McAllister said she was proud to put racism last:

“Pauline Hanson and the One Nation Party have been disrespectful to so many multicultural communities so many times. They have spent twenty years trying to make Australia a less welcome place for people of all nationalities. That type of politics should not be welcome in our Parliament.”

Labor has refused to preference One Nation every national election, however the Liberal/National coalition have not always done this. At the 2013 election, the current Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, gave preferences to One Nation in his seat. When asked to explain his decision, he said that he thought it was “time to forgive, forget and move on”.

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