Transcript: Jenny McAllister on Senate Estimates, the Coalition's Secret Agreement and Vetting of Potential Migrants

2.00pm | February 27, 2018

What we saw were the murky workings of the Coalition on full display. Now the Prime Minister has the power, and exclusively the power, to appoint ministerial staff. Yet it became apparent yesterday that in practice the Prime Minister's office is merely a post box for the asks from the National Party. 

Transcript: Jenny McAllister on Equal Pay for Early Childhood Workers, Cashless Welfare Cards, Adani and the Productivity Commission Report on Banks

12.15pm | February 07, 2018

he Fairwork Commission dismissed the application by early educators. The union for early educators to address their historic under evaluation of their work. To put it in context, our early educators do some of the most important work.

Transcript: Jenny McAllister Live with Samantha Maiden on Sky News

3.30pm | February 01, 2018

I think there needs to be very serious consequences for whoever was responsible for this. It's a little bit hard to pre-empt or to say what those consequences might be without knowing any of the details about how this came about but, on the face of it, it is a very significant breach of security. 

McAllister, Dodson, Lines and McCarthy Media Release: Labor Deeply Disappointed With Minister Scullion's Response to CDP

2.20pm | December 15, 2017

Labor is deeply disappointed with Minister Scullion’s response to the Senate Inquiry into the Community Development Program (CDP). Labor secured the Inquiry into the CDP in March after communities across the Northern Territory and Western Australia told us that they were trapped in a cycle of poverty, waiting on the end of a phone line for hours and then giving up, feeling hopeless and still struggling with an infuriating bureaucratic reporting process. 

McAllister, Dodson, Lines and McCarthy Media Release: Senate Inquiry Calls For Overhaul of Discriminatory CDP

5.20pm | December 12, 2017

The Senate inquiry report released today into the fraught Community Development Program (CDP) calls for a total overhaul of the unfair CDP system.The report confirms what Labor and First Nations people, organisations and communities have been saying since the CDP was implemented in July 2015 – that the current CDP is not working. 

Ketter and McAllister Media Release: New Questions To Answer On Corporate Tax

6.40pm | December 07, 2017

ExxonMobil must answer to new allegations claiming it is engaging in tax avoidance and aggressive tax minimisation practices. Parliament, this week, granted the Senate Economics References Committee an extension on the Corporate Tax Avoidance Inquiry to 30 May 2018.

Dodson, McAllister and McCarthy Media Release: Get Real Scullion - The CDP is Harming, Not Helping Communities

4.50pm | November 01, 2017

Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Nigel Scullion needs to face the reality that the CDP is harming, not helping communities. Minister Scullion used a report from the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) into the Community Development Programme (CDP) to justify the Government’s failed CDP Program.

Transcript: Jenny McAllister on Public Sector Bargaining, the IPA, Hadgkiss, Scott Morrison and the Uluru Statement

11.50am | October 24, 2017

Good morning, I wanted to make few remarks about Senate Estimates yesterday, and just talk a little bit about what we learned. The government’s hostility to working people, to their representatives, to their workplace conditions was all on display yesterday with the appearance of the Australian Public Service Commissioner, Mr John Lloyd.

Dodson, McAllister and McCarthy Media Release: CDP Leaves Tropical North Out In The Cold

2.30pm | October 05, 2017

The Community Development Program (CDP) is failing vulnerable individuals and communities, a Senate committee has been told during a visit to Palm Island and Townsville. The Senate Finance and Public Administration Committee is conducting an inquiry into the operation of the CDP.

Transcript: Jenny McAllister on ABC 24 News

10.30am | September 08, 2017

I conclude two things. The first is that the government really hasn’t thought this through and when we’re in the middle of a $122 million exercise, to be doing contingency planning that commenced just a week ago, around how you might find a $122 million extra in your budget, it’s kind of terrifying. That is not how government is supposed to be run and it suggests an extremely chaotic process.