Media Release: Appointment as Shadow Assistant Minister for Families and Communities

2.30pm | August 21, 2018

t’s an honour to be appointed as the Shadow Assistant Minister for Families and Communities. I am excited to be taking up Labor’s fight in this portfolio with my friend and colleague Linda Burney. I thank Bill Shorten for this opportunity.

King and McAllister Media Release: Labor to Lead Senate Inquiry into My Health Record

11.00am | August 14, 2018

Labor will lead a comprehensive Senate inquiry into Malcolm Turnbull’s My Health Record fiasco amid ongoing privacy and security concerns. We remain deeply concerned that the Government’s bungled rollout of the My Health Record opt-out period has severely undermined public trust in this important reform.

Opinion Editorial: The Australian Public Service Deserves a Leader Who Respects It

5.25pm | July 23, 2018

The position of Merit Protection Commissioner for the Australian Public Service is not one that receives much public attention.  Despite its low profile, it plays a crucial role in ensuring integrity across the APS. It is deeply concerning that the Turnbull Government allowed the position to remain vacant for over six months.

Media Release: Government Fails to Take Action on Pay Equity

12.45pm | July 17, 2018

Documents tabled out of session in the Senate yesterday reveal that five years after coming to office, this Government still has no real plan to close the gender pay gap. Last year, the Senate Finance and Public Administration Committee handed down its report into gender segregation in the workplace and its impact on women’s economic equality.

Transcript: Jenny McAllister on the Gender Breakdown of the Government’s Proposed Tax Cuts

2.30pm | June 07, 2018

We want to see tax relief from July one this year. That is absolutely our goal and in fact under our proposal, not only would we like to see tax relief from  July one this year, we'd also like to see additional tax relief twelve months later. Almost twice as much for quite a large number of tax payers.

Transcript: Jenny McAllister on Tax Cuts

10.30am | May 30, 2018

Nobody can accuse Australian women of not pulling their weight in the Australian economy.  Many women go to work, they work hard for their employers then they go home and do a second shift looking after kids or looking after other family members.

Transcript: Jenny McAllister on Senate Estimates, John Lloyd, Pauline Hanson's Secret Deals with the Government and Tax Cuts

11.20am | May 22, 2018

Mr John Lloyd is the man who is charged with taking responsibility for the values and the integrity of the Australian Public Service. Yesterday he gave a performance so bad that it left the Government Ministers sitting around him essentially confused about what to do. Mr Lloyd was contemptuous with the processes of the Senate.

Butler and McAllister Media Release: Turnbull Government Weasel Words on 1800RESPECT

5.30pm | March 16, 2018

Today, the Turnbull Government tabled their response to the 1800RESPECT Senate Inquiry and unsurprisingly they have not made a significant commitment to addressing any of the recommendations.

Transcript: Jenny McAllister on Senate Estimates, the Coalition's Secret Agreement and Vetting of Potential Migrants

2.00pm | February 27, 2018

What we saw were the murky workings of the Coalition on full display. Now the Prime Minister has the power, and exclusively the power, to appoint ministerial staff. Yet it became apparent yesterday that in practice the Prime Minister's office is merely a post box for the asks from the National Party. 

Transcript: Jenny McAllister on Equal Pay for Early Childhood Workers, Cashless Welfare Cards, Adani and the Productivity Commission Report on Banks

12.15pm | February 07, 2018

he Fairwork Commission dismissed the application by early educators. The union for early educators to address their historic under evaluation of their work. To put it in context, our early educators do some of the most important work.