Straight from the Senate - Issue 29

5.00pm | August 18, 2017



This week I spoke in parliament on a number of issues, including:

1. The need for politicians to stand up against racism.

The recent violence in Charlotteville is repugnant. We should not tolerate racism in any form.

2. This Government's war on young Australians. 

Time and again this government has shown that the only thing it cares about less than young people’s present is their future.

3. The dysfunction of this Government. 

Senator Brandis is ignoring cold hard facts and instead subscribing to conspiracy theories. It’s time this government engaged with reality.


Yesterday Tony Burke MP spoke on Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce’s, decision to remain in cabinet despite declaring he holds dual citizenship. While Mr Joyce’s ability to serve in Parliament is investigated by the High Court he should follow Liberal Senator Canavan’s precedent and step down from cabinet.


Senate Inquiry into the Government’s Postal Survey on Marriage Equality

Labor has serious concerns about the Government’s postal survey into marriage equality, and I'll be chairing an inquiry into how the survey will be run. 

At the first inquiry yesterday the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), who will be managing the survey, confirmed they still didn’t know how those living or travelling overseas, those living in remote communities or those without a fixed address will participate. They also did not know whether ‘paperless’ participation would be via SMS, computer or phone, nor who would be eligible for such participation. Neither did they know which languages will be available to participants or which contractors will be used. 

It’s difficult not to conclude that this government is setting up both the ABS and the campaign for equality to fail. This is a rushed process designed by the conservative wing of the Liberal party that has no interest in acting on the preferences of the more than 70% of Australians who support marriage equality. 

You can watch the first inquiry here.

In Labor,

Jenny McAllister