Straight from the Senate - Issue 32

9.50am | September 09, 2017



1. Yesterday I heard from Indigenous Australians from the First Nations Workers' Alliance.

We were told of the deprivation in remote communities caused by the Coalition government’s unfair work-for-the-dole program. We also heard how Community Development Program (CDP) participants are excluded from Commonwealth workplace compensation. This government must do better.

2. On Thursday I moved a motion in the Senate calling on the government to support 1800 Respect. 

1800 Respect is set to lose 75% of the public funding provided to it by Medibank Health Solutions. I call on the Prime Minister to ensure that victims of family and domestic violence continue to have access to specialist services.

3. I spoke this week about the need for the government to show economic leadership.

The treasurer is still filling out the practice exercises from a 1987 economics textbook, but the problems today are different. We need to reform negative gearing, introduce a fairer taxation system and empower workers to bargain for higher wages.

4. This week I called on the government to take stronger action to protect our unique Australian wildlife and support the important work done by the Australian Platypus Conservancy and others.



On Thursday I chaired a senate inquiry into how the postal survey on marriage equality will be run.

We heard that $14 million has already been spent and that the Australian Electoral Commission has struggled to complete their usual preparations to close the roll; in the short timeframe they have been allocated by the government. This project is rushed, expensive and taking money away from other projects. However, now that the process will be going ahead, I encourage you to vote yes to equality. 

This is not an issue of religious freedom; it is an issue of love, family and equality. Australians in same-sex relationships deserve the same rights other Australians enjoy. When you receive your ballot, I encourage you to vote yes and return it by post as soon as possible. 

Let’s get this done.



In Labor,

Jenny McAllister