Straight from the Senate - Issue 36

4.10pm | May 25, 2018


1. This week Senator Wong and I tried to get to the bottom of the allegations against Mr John Lloyd, the Australian Public Service Commissioner.

Now more than ever, we need professional, skilled public servants who can help our country navigate a rapidly changing economy and region. Unfortunately the person charged with overseeing the public service shows contempt for both the processes of the Senate and the values of the public service. Furthermore, months after allegations of misconduct by Mr Lloyd were forwarded to the proper body for investigation for review, no decision about whether or not investigate has been made, because there’s been no permanent appointment to the head of that organisation.

This all distracts from the urgent task of building an excellent, modern public service with the skills and resources to deliver first rate services and advice. The Minister needs to explain how she will address this completely unsatisfactory situation.

2. I’ve also been pressing the government to provide information about their proposed personal income tax cuts...

On Monday...

Then on Friday...

Then again the following Monday

We will keep pressing because the public should have complete and accurate information about how much these tax cuts will cost, and who will benefit before the parliament votes on it.

In Labor,

Jenny McAllister



Authorised by Senator Jenny MAllister, Australian Labor Party, Canberra.