Straight from the Senate - Issue 38

4.43pm | June 22, 2018


1. Last week the Liberal National Conference voted to privatise the ABC. The ABC is a national institution that millions enjoy and a cornerstone of our democracy. Labor will never privatise the ABC.

2. I joined parliamentary colleagues to honour the memory of Eurydice Dixon and at least 30 other women who have been killed this year. Women should not have to live in fear. Stopping violence against women should be a national priority.

3. Malcolm Turnbull told aged care workers to “get a better job”. This is disgraceful. Caring for the elderly is invaluable work. Aged care workers deserve a pay rise, not the contempt they receive from the Coalition.


Tax cuts

This week the Coalition with One Nation Senators and Senators David Leyonhjelm, Cory Bernadi, Brian Burstonm Derryn Hinch and Fraser Anning introduced $144 billion worth of tax cuts over the next 7 years.

These tax cuts overwhelmingly favour the wealthiest Australians. Under this plan, Turnbull will receive a $7,000 tax cut while ordinary Australian workers will be only $10 a week better off.

A Labor Government will reverse these unfair tax cuts to the top end of town and instead cut taxes for over 10 million working Australians. If you’re earning $70,000, you’ll pay $350 less tax under a Labor Government.

This comes at the same time the Coalition is cutting funding from TAFE, universities, schools and hospitals, and wants you to work till you’re 70.

In contrast, a Labor Government will properly fund health and education. We will provide 100,000 free TAFE spots for young Australians, ensure that 1 in every 10 employees on government projects are Australian apprentices, protect paid parental leave, protect penalty rates, invest $2.8 billion to deliver better hospitals, protect Medicare and ensure you do not have to work till you’re 70.

In Labor,

Jenny McAllister

Authorised by Senator Jenny McAllister, Australian Labor Party, Canberra.