Straight from the Senate - Issue 40

4.29pm | July 27, 2018



1. Last week I travelled to the North Coast of NSW to discuss forest conservation and koala habitat preservation with the National Parks Association. Koala populations are in decline. At the same time, both state and federal Liberal governments seek to water down laws that protect native animals and their habitats. Don’t sit this one out. Koalas are too precious to lose. 

2. I also met with Linda from Bangalow Koalas. Linda established Bangalow Koalas and is working with landholders to plant koala habitat. She’s out all hours rescuing injured koalas. She co-ordinates a massive local volunteer effort to log koala sightings. Asren Pugh lined up a meeting with Linda to talk through what Federal, state and local governments could be doing to better support koalas. Linda is an amazing example of the power of community action to support conservation on private land.

3. I recently spoke in Coffs Harbour at Politics in the Pub on the future of work in the emerging digital economy. Thank you to everyone who came along for the vibrant discussion and for sharing your experiences and thoughts on how government can help to increase employment in regional Australia.

4. The Australian Public Service deserves a leader who respects it and should be a service tool of government and the public, not a tool of politics. Have a read here of my latest op ed. 


Tomorrow, voters will go to the polls in Braddon, Longman, Perth, Fremantle and Mayo. Labor candidates have been working hard in all five seats and the choice couldn’t be clearer. I spent yesterday in Longman with Susan Lamb talking about Labor’s plan for a fairer economy and tomorrow will be in Braddon with Justine Keay. Labor is the only party that will fund quality healthcare, reverse the Coalition’s cuts to schools, properly fund TAFE and introduce fair tax cuts for working Australians.