The Budget

8.00pm | May 11, 2017

Treasurer Scott Morrison and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull professed to deliver a budget based on fairness. Sadly, there is not much that is fair about this budget. It’s not fair to cut $22 billion from Australian schools, deliver a $65 billion tax cut to big business while raising taxes for low and middle income families and asking university students to pay more for their degrees, sooner. 

Nor is it fair to cut the Family Tax Benefit, to refuse to address housing affordability, to leave in place the freeze on the Medicare rebate, or to refuse to address Australia’s stagnating wages while inequality is at a 70 year high.

"There is nothing fair about making middle class and working class Australians pay more while millionaires and multinationals pay less."– Bill Shorten MP, Budget Reply Address, 11 May 2017.

You can listen to Labor leader, Bill Shorten MP, reply to the budget and outline what a fair budget would really look like here. 

What this budget shows is that the only thing Malcolm Turnbull really believes in is himself. You can listen to my full comments on the budget here.