Media Release: Safe Schools Program

10.55am | March 04, 2016

Safe Schools is an important program.

The last parliamentary sitting showed perfectly why we need it –there remain some who refuse to acknowledge the challenges faced by young LGBTI students.

Labor Senator for NSW, Jenny McAllister said: We know young LGBTI students face bullying at school, and this can have harmful and lasting effects.

It’s disappointing that the Prime Minister has failed to defend the importance of the safe schools program from the ill-informed attacks made by some members of his government. This was a failure of leadership, in an area where strong leadership is needed.

This failure of leadership will have a real impact on young LGBTI Australians.

Since the Prime Minister made the announcement that the Safe Schools program would be reviewed, I have received numerous letters containing ill -informed claims about the Safe Schools program.

In light of the Government's failure to support for these young people, for every letter that I have received asking for the Safe School Program to be de-funded, I will be donating $5 to Twenty10, an organisation that provides support services to young LGBTI people.

I do not think this is by any means a solution – it is just a small gesture of solidarity to the young people who encounter these hurtful messages not just in letters, but in their everyday lives.