Speech at NSW Labor State Conference, October 2021

5.59pm | October 11, 2021

Strengthening government services

Good afternoon delegates. I’m joining you from Gadigal land, and I pay my respect to elders past and present.

Delegates it"s my great privilege to move this chapter.

Questions Without Notice: March 4 Justice

10.35am | March 15, 2021

Today more than 100,000 women and men attended rallies in 36 different locations across the country. My mum was one of them. She attended a march in Lismore. My mum has been waiting for a long time. She sang along to Helen Reddy's anthem 'I am woman' in the 1970s. I won't say that I didn't tear up a little when I arrived at the march on the lawns here and heard that song being played.

Second Reading Speech: Save The Koalas

1.08pm | March 12, 2021

One of the iconic images of Australia's bushfires is a firefighter sharing a water bottle with a scared and singed koala. That picture was shared around the world and, in part, that's because the koala is so intrinsically and recognisably Australian.

Second Reading Speech: Federal Circuit and Family Court Bill 2019

10.47am | February 17, 2021

I'd like to start with a tale of two family law reforms. The first reform was promised by the government in their first Women's Economic Security Statement. I remind you that that was back in 2018. It's a relatively simple proposal, and it would make dividing super assets easier and fairer. It's supported by lawyers, by academics and by women's groups. The government promised, back in 2018, that they would have this reform up and running by July 2020—last year. Where do you think that reform's up to? Nowhere.

Questions Without Notice: Child Care

10.56am | December 07, 2020

It is hard to imagine what would actually provoke this government to meaningfully respond to women's economic interests, in particular, the significance and importance of Australian women having access to the labour market and consequently developing their own economic and financial independence, because the true meaning of 'independence' is the ability to find your way out of circumstances not of your choosing, to make real choices in the knowledge you have the economic resources to support you.

Motion of Condolence: Australian Bushfires 4/2/20

9.45am | February 05, 2020

From the Blue Mountains to the Southern Highlands and from Batemans Bay up to the Northern Rivers and Northern Tablelands, this bushfire season has been devastating for my home state of New South Wales, with 4.9 million hectares of land having been burnt.

Working in Partnership: Labor's Approach to the Community Sector

3.30pm | May 13, 2019

Since taking on this portfolio I’ve tried to talk with as many community sector organisations as I can. More importantly, I’ve tried to visit them. I think that seeing and understanding the places where organisations do their work is an important part of understanding that work. You can sometimes learn a lot about the lived values of an organisation from the spaces they create – and it can change the conversation to sit in a room that just earlier that day was used to meet clients or host a playgroup.

Speech on Equal Pay for Women at Labor's National Conference

2.00pm | December 20, 2018

I couldn’t be prouder than I am today - to be part of the Labor team. On Sunday Bill Shorten told us that from the very first day, a Labor government would strive to deliver equal pay. And today, Tanya and Brendan have announced very significant legal and institutional changes that will do just that.

Speech: National Apology To Victims and Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse

3.15pm | November 13, 2018

After decades of enforced silence, business in our parliament was suspended last month to publicly acknowledge and apologise for the pain that was caused by institutional child sexual abuse.

Speech to Women in National Security Conference

9.15am | October 26, 2018

Since its creation in 2009, the National Security College has acted as nexus between academic thinking and government activity. I think that over the coming years, the National Security College will be seen as one of the more important innovations of the last government. It represents a significant intellectual investment in our policy capacity.