Straight from the Senate - Issue 41

4.54pm | August 17, 2018

This week the Senate primarily debated assisted dying. I spoke and voted in favour because I firmly believe that we all have the right to die with dignity.

Straight from the Senate - Issue 40

4.29pm | July 27, 2018

Last week I travelled to the North Coast of NSW to discuss forest conservation and koala habitat preservation with the National Parks Association. Koala populations are in decline.

Straight from the Senate - Issue 39

4.37pm | July 06, 2018


Last weekend I moved at the NSW Labor annual conference that the next Labor Government take concrete and specific actions to improve women’s economic security in retirement, including paying super on parental leave and investigating options to ‘top up’ low balance accounts.

Straight from the Senate - Issue 38

4.43pm | June 22, 2018


Last week the Liberal National Conference voted to privatise the ABC. The ABC is a national institution that millions enjoy and a cornerstone of our democracy. Labor will never privatise the ABC.

Straight from the Senate - Issue 37

4.49pm | June 02, 2018


Treasury Secretary, John Fraser, said that Treasury could not provide any analysis on how the income tax cuts impact different areas or genders because the cuts are “gender neutral”.

Straight from the Senate - Issue 36

4.10pm | May 25, 2018

This week Senator Wong and I tried to get to the bottom of the allegations against Mr John Lloyd, the Australian Public Service Commissioner.

Straight from the Senate - Issue 35

11.45am | May 11, 2018

The Coalition’s budget is fundamentally unfair and will make working and middle class Australians pay for tax cuts to the big end of town.

Straight from the Senate - Issue 34

4.30pm | March 16, 2018


I’m presently leading a Senate inquiry into the digital delivery of government services. It’s a boring title, but a fascinating subject!

Straight from the Senate - Issue 33

5.00pm | March 02, 2018


This week in Senate Estimates I asked the Australian Public Service Commissioner, John Lloyd, about an email to the IPA he sent commenting on Labor Senator, Penny Wong

Straight from the Senate - Issue 32

9.50am | September 09, 2017


Yesterday I heard from Indigenous Australians from the First Nations Workers' Alliance.