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Media Release: Labor Acts on Intelligence Oversight

10.25am | February 25, 2020

Senator Jenny McAllister will introduce a Private Senator’s Bill to strengthen the oversight arrangements for Australia’s intelligence and security agencies.

Transcript: ABC Capital Hill 24/2/20

10.20am | February 25, 2020


SUBJECTS: Climate change, Labor’s commitment to net zero emissions by 2050, Intelligence oversight.

Transcript: Doorstop 8/2/20

3.00pm | February 10, 2020

SUBJECTS: Support for Chinese-Australian community; coronavirus.

Article: Back To School Should Not Mean Back To Debt

3.00pm | February 05, 2020

The beginning of each year can be a difficult time financially. All the expense of Christmas might be behind us, but for many families the school year brings a whole new set of challenges. The cost of school uniforms, shoes, and backpacks on top of mounting utility bills and rent can feel overwhelming.

Media Release: Labor Establishes Inquiry Into Foreign Interference Through Social Media

2.00pm | December 20, 2019

Labor has initiated a Select Committee on Foreign Interference through Social Media, to inquire into and report on the risk posed to Australia’s democracy by foreign interference through social media platforms – including Facebook, Twitter and WeChat. The rise of ‘fake news’ and misinformation campaigns present a very real and present danger to democracy not only in Australia, but across the globe. We must protect our democracy from malicious foreign actors.  

Media Release: Rent-To-Rort Schemes Leave Vulnerable Consumers Marooned By Loan Sharks

1.55pm | December 20, 2019

Vulnerable consumers will be better protected under proposed legislation set to be introduced into Federal Parliament today. The legislation, to be brought forward by Senators Griff and McAllister, will amend the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (2009) to toughen laws around payday loans and consumer leases to protect Australian families. Almost one million households are now utilising payday loan schemes, leaving many struggling financially due to high fees and interest rates of up to 400 per cent.

Media Release: Government is Loose with the Truth on Drought Funding

10.00am | October 25, 2019

The Government has confirmed that on-the-ground drought assistance for farmers over the next four years is just $2.6 billion.

Transcript: Doorstop on Senate Estimates 22/10/19

1.45pm | October 22, 2019

Yesterday was the first day of estimates for the new Government. Three years, three terms in how are they going with accountability? Well not very well.

Transcript: Doorstop on the Climate Emergency

9.15am | October 16, 2019

Yesterday, along with Senator Pratt I lodged a Motion for debate in the Senate, declaring that Australia has a climate emergency and the Government must act. Now, that motion reflects the motion lodged by my colleague Mark Butler over in the House of Representative and it reflects our very serious concern about the Government’s complete failure to deal in any serious way with the great challenge of climate change.

Media Release: Government Review Fails To Acknowledge Gender Gap In Retirement

2.50pm | October 14, 2019

Women in Australia currently retire with almost 50% less superannuation than men and 23% of women retire with no superannuation savings at all. Women in retirement are more likely to face poverty, housing stress and homelessness. Despite this, the Government has failed to specifically include women in the Terms of Reference of their Retirement Income Review.