Why I'm Voting YES

Over many years I’ve attended countless weddings, and been privileged to share in these occasions of great joy.

A wedding is a chance for two people to make a most important human commitment – to love and care for one another, forever.  It’s a deeply personal bond between two people, but its also a an important community event.  Most often a wedding takes place in the presence of the most important people in the couple’s community  –  their families and their dearest friends.

At my own wedding, the participation of our friends and family was enormously  important. Marriage isn’t always easy. Knowing that friends and families will stand alongside you, and honour and respect your commitment to one another is a source of enormous strength. 

This support and respect ought to be offered to all couples who seek to confirm their commitment through marriage. Same sex couples love one another no less than straight couples. Their relationships are subject to the same strains and tests as other couples. And marriage offers the same promise of a deep and lasting commitment.

If two people love one another, and seek to commit to sharing a life together, then surely this is something we should all support?

Many in the LGBTI community have been denied support in the past. For some couples, the explicit support of family and friends for their love may go a long way to healing the wounds inflicted by prejudice, discrimination and exclusion.

Its time to say yes and get this done.