McCarthy, Dodson, McAllister and Snowden: Labor Secures Inquiry into Fraught Community Development Program

10.30am | March 23, 2017

Labor has called for a Senate inquiry into the fraught Community Development Program, with the support of the Greens. Communities across the Northern Territory and Western Australia have consistently told us that this system leaves people in more debt, without food to feed their families, in rental arrears and feeling hopeless, struggling with an infuriating bureaucratic reporting process. 

Transcript: Jenny McAllister on Social Services Legislation and Childcare Package

8.00am | March 23, 2017

Last night, in the dead of night, at around midnight, the Senate passed a package of cuts that strips away almost two billion dollars from Australian families in the coming years. These are not families that can afford to have this money taken away from them. These are not well-off families. 

McAllister and Cameron Media Release: The Government On Housing Affordability - Too Many Cooks And No Broth

9.30am | March 16, 2017

Eighteen months ago, Malcolm Turnbull took the Liberal leadership promising a more mature discussion on economic issues. We’re still waiting. After all this time, it is still not even clear who is responsible for housing affordability. 

Media Release: Turnbull's Climate Inaction Causes "Investment Strike" By Energy Industry

9.15am | March 07, 2017

Industry and expert witnesses lined up to slam the government’s inaction on energy policy at a hearing today of the Senate Select Committee into the Resilience of Energy Infrastructure in a Warming World. Danny Price, who advised the Prime Minister on energy when he was Opposition Leader, agreed with Senator McAllister that Australia’s energy crisis was caused by an “investment strike”.

Media Release: Department Confirms Cuts to ATSI Sexual Health Prevention Programs

5.00pm | March 03, 2017

Evidence heard at Senate Estimates this afternoon has revealed that critical sexual health prevention programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians are being defunded by the Turnbull Government without any evaluation or consultation. 

McAllister, Dodson and McCarthy Media Release: Nigel Scullion Still Failing On Indigenous Advancement Strategy

3.25pm | March 03, 2017

Evidence heard at Senate Estimates this morning shows the Minister for Indigenous Affairs Nigel Scullion continues to preside over a failing Indigenous Advancement Strategy which is not delivering for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. 

Butler and McAllister Media Release: Energy Crisis 'Crept Up' on Government - Treasury Secretary

9.00am | March 02, 2017

The Prime Minister has been caught out making energy policy on the run. Under questioning from Senator McAllister, Treasury Secretary John Fraser revealed that the government had been surprised by the energy crisis, and there was no Treasury analysis supporting the government’s plan for new coal generation. 

Transcript: Jenny McAllister On Estimates

11.00am | March 01, 2017

Its day three of Estimates and I thought I’d run through what we learnt yesterday. First of all we learnt that neither Senator Hanson nor Senator Roberts could be bothered to turn up. They’d prefer to send their barbs from a distance and don’t want to participate in the Committee process

Husic and McAllister Media Release: Proof DTA Was MIA During Turnbull Tech Wrecks

1.36pm | February 28, 2017

Last night at Senate Estimates the Turnbull Government’s peak digital transformation body acknowledged it hadn’t lifted a finger to fix IT messes hurting Australians. Evidence presented to Estimates revealed a total disconnect between the Digital Transformation Agency and the ongoing digital project failures from the Turnbull Government.

Transcript: Jenny McAllister On Estimates, Digital Transformation Agency, APS, George Brandis And 18c

11.00am | February 28, 2017

Welcome to day two of estimates, and I want to make few remarks about what we learned yesterday.  For a start, people will remember the Government’s Digital Transformation Organisation, which was rolled over into a Digital Transformation Agency after the last election.