McAllister and Ketter Media Release: A Husband is Not a Retirement Plan - Report from the Economic Security for Women in Retirement Inquiry

12.00pm | April 28, 2016

The Senate Inquiry into the Economic Security of Women in Retirement has found that if action is not taken now, women currently aged 25-29 will still face a less secure retirement than men of the same age when they retire in 2055. The Inquiry’s final report has been released today and provides 19 recommendations that, if implemented, would narrow the gap between men and women’s retirement security.  

Wong and McAllister Media Release: Turnbull Chaos - No Plan for Schools, Hospitals or The Federation

3.30pm | April 27, 2016

Senior officials confirmed today that chaos and division at the heart of the Turnbull Government sabotaged outcomes from the 1 April COAG meeting and has driven a stake through the heart of Federation reform. Officials from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Treasury gave evidence that Malcolm Turnbull had been contemplating a plan for double taxation for months before the meeting – but didn’t bother to tell the states and territories, or even his own department.

Neumann, Snowden, McAllister and Peris Media Release: Senate Report: Indigenous Advancement Strategy Must Never Be Repeated

5.15pm | March 17, 2016

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations should never be put through the Government’s disastrous and mismanaged blanket tender process again, according to the final report of the Senate Inquiry into the Indigenous Advancement Strategy.

Media Release: Safe Schools Program

10.55am | March 04, 2016

Safe Schools is an important program. The last parliamentary sitting showed perfectly why we need it –there remain some who refuse to acknowledge the challenges faced by young LGBTI students.